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 #SeekThePositive ➰ @rastaclat Leave me a comment why you would like to win a #rastaclat bracelet and I will pick one winner by the end of this month.  Morning ☕️ #seekthepositive #rastaclat  Finalmente meus Tênis Chegaram. Obrigado Alfândega dos USA por prender a mercadoria por tanto Tempo. Finally My Shoes Arrived  Thanks US Customs for taking So Long. Let’s Skate ✌#SkateboardingIsFun #FunDayz @QixSkate
 Yes Skateboarding ❤️ #SkateboardingIsFun  Fs  Grind  By @AnaPaulaNegrao #SlsPark
   Quick Sesh  @AnaPaulaNegrao
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